Saint Nicholas Cultural Centre - Spiritual Matrix of Bacău Municipality
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  • The Vivarium
  • The ruins of the household tower
  • The ruins of the old St. Nicholas church
  • St. Nicholas Church
  • Precista Church

The project “St. Nicholas Cultural Centre – spiritual matrix of Bacău municipality” is implemented by Bacău Administrative Territorial Unit with the financial support of the European Union through the Regional Operational Programme, Priority 5 Sustainable development and tourism, areas of intervention 5.3. – Promoting tourism potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania’s attractiveness as a tourist destination.

The project aims to promote the cultural tourism product and tourism product of St. Nicholas Princely Court in Bacău assembly. These products are composed of the following attractions:

Saint Nicholas Cultural Centre

- St. Nicholas Church
- The ruins of the former church of St. Nicholas
-Former school girls no. 2 – the Vivarium

The Princely Court  Ensemble of Bacău
- Precista Church
- The ruins of the Royal Court
- The ruins of the Tower of residence (for defense)

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